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Every month I pick one word that becomes my mantra or meditation for the next few weeks. My word this month is BLOOM.

Blooming seems appropriate. It’s spring. There is an abundance of new life. The sun shines and invigorates the Earth with its radiant energy. The burst of colors break through the dark, gloomy dismal existence of dirty snow. The rain pours down and provides the water for growth and cleans away the debris. People come out of the caves of hibernation and walk and bike and share socially distant ‘hellos’. …

Sometimes we just need to breathe

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Currently it is silent in my house. I’m almost ashamed to admit that I don’t want to wake my kids for school, because for a few brief moments I am enjoying the quiet. No kids are running around, the dog isn’t barking and no cars are drag racing outside my window this early in the morning. The only sounds I hear are the ticking of my kitchen clock and the tapping of my fingers on the keyboard of my laptop.

Virtual school will be in session in less than 30 minutes, so I know…

The challenge of the sleepless child

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It’s 10:00pm and there is no slowing my kids down. My oldest will indubitably be asleep shortly, that is if I can get my youngest to leave him alone. I doubt sincerely that my almost 10 year old (in less than 48 hours) will go to sleep at any reasonable hour this evening. Likely it will be tomorrow before she rests as it is often past midnight when she slows down. Doesn’t help that my day begins at 5:00am.

My daughter has mental health issues. Her ADHD keeps her active about 18 hours a…

Lessons learned from parenting a child with special needs.

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It’s hard for me to imagine that the last nearly twelve years has gone by in the blink of an eye. Before my child’s birth I was told not to expect much. I would be lucky if my son survived birth and even luckier if I would be able to have an hour to two with him. Next month it will be twelve years. Next month I will celebrate his birth and his amazing struggles that he has overcome to be the young man he is today.

My son has overcome…

Cake for Lunch

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I like to think of myself as a fairly responsible adult; the kind that sets a good example (though not perfect) for my kids. After all, I live my values. I work hard, read, and try to stay active with my interests. I don’t smoke, don’t drink, don’t do caffeine, don’t swear (much), stay positive, exercise occasionally and eat somewhat healthy. I’m not perfect, but I could be a much worse example for my kids.

I have been trying to cut the carb to lose my pandemic pounds. I’ve been cooking more and trying to eat more…

My Name is Part of My Identity

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Our name is a part of our identity. According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, an identity is “a distinguishing character or personality of an individual”. It designates who we are. It is how people recognize us. For women especially, when we are called into a marriage, there are many opinions on if or how they may change their name to reflect the unity of said relationship.

When I got married, I naturally took my spouse’s last name. For a number of years we were in a happy marriage. Then we had kids. Though having kids…

A Picture is Worth a 1000 Words

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The old adages are true. “A picture is worth a 1000 words” “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

As much as I enjoy looking at photographs, I can’t take a picture without cutting off someone’s head or framing the shot without something sticking out of the frame. I don’t have an eye for it at all. I have never held anything greater than a point and shoot camera with a zoom lens. When I started working in film and television, everyone told me to stay away from the camera. My job…

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How a smidgen of rich goodness paired with a scrap of paper can spread joy

I don’t know about you, but I don’t know anyone who desires to be at a hospital unless it’s absolutely necessary. As a mom of kids with multiple health care needs and chronic health needs of my own, I have logged many hours in between the antiseptic walls. I have seen good and bad and have had the blessing of a hospital saving my child’s life. It’s a place to go if you need one, but it isn’t exactly where anyone hopes to be spending their time.

After my long stint as a mom who virtually moved in between the…

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Unlike many people bustling around with their kids and activities, I spent the evening with a few amazing parents serving dinner to inpatient families at the local children’s hospital. Though it could be considered volunteering, I considered it a gift. A gift not given, but a gift received. It was an opportunity to give back, but in giving I received so much more.

The dinner was held just outside of the hospital lobby. The tables from the cafe were moved over and small alcoves were created to make small spaces for families to gather. The tables were decorated with white…

Reflections of present parents

Before I was born, my parents had decided they were going to have a large family and that their lives would be filled with children. By the time they had me, they were a little older. Due to complications with my birth, their dreams of having more kids simply wasn’t going to be. Shortly after I was born, they had more complications…health, financial, distance so they created a special community where they became mentors in an impoverished neighborhood.

My dad loved to repair things and knew a lot about electronics, carpentry and plumbing. At some point…

Lori Lynn

Maker of magic, writer of words…sometimes it means something

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